Write and Wipe Animals



Write and Wipe - Animals

An erasable card set with illustrations and words with missing letters. Together with an erasable pen.

Price: 26 zł.

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Write and Wipe - Animals

A card set which can be used for three kinds of games: Black Peter, Memory, Bingo.

All the cards are erasable allowing for the students' creativity to roam free.

However, in order to play the games, the gaps in the words need to be filled in correctly lest there is no match between the word and the picture.

The cards with words are NOT accompanied by any illustrations hinting the meanings of the words. This way the students need to match a card with the word and a card with the illustration, making a true vocabulary effort and boosting their lexical memory.

The word cards include a QR code which allows any smartphone user to check the pronunciation of the words.

The set consists of 35 erasable cards (4 cards with an illustrated mini dictionary), a marker and rules of the games (Polish only - for the English version contact us by e-mail).

Language level A1 (beginner). For 1 to 4 persons. Players age - six years and up.