Individual tutoring or in small groups – two, maximum three persons.

Our experience in teaching English spans two decades of work as teachers in almost any types of schools, from kindergarten to university. We have worked with students of all ages, on all language levels - from beginners through to Proficiency Exams candidates.

We specialize in individual courses, made to meet the individual need of the client.

We have taught classes preparing to national and international exams. We can help you with grammar or pronunciation. We can provide conversation training, we can teach how to properly write essays, letters or presentations. We know how to help a child learn the basics of the language or how to expand its linguistic ability.

We offer any type of specialist courses – business, technical, legal, medical, tourist industry, etc. – each of them in various specializations on various proficiency levels. We will also aid the students of the English philology prepare for any exam.

There is nothing we cannot do in the English teaching business.

Only here - each lesson may be accompanied with an individual lanugage tabletop game, which will help to revise the vocabulary or the grammar learned during the lesson.

Learning English is fun!